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What’s in a name? Tips to give your van a name you won’t forget

What’s the deal with caravan names? They’re more than just a label – they’re a whole personality package. From whimsical to downright wacky, Aussie caravanners have dubbed their trusty rigs with names that rival those of our furry friends. After all, if we can name our cars, why not our vans?

Let’s face it: some of us spend more quality time with our caravans than we do with our own pets. So, it’s only natural that we develop an attachment to them.

Feeling inspired by the hilarious names you’ve shared with us; we’ve decided to spill the beans on how to christen your caravan with a name that’s as epic as your adventures!

Next Gen owner Dean Evenson named his van “Tag Trekkin’”. PHOTO: PHOTO: Nextgen Caravans Facebook Page
We’ve put together a few tips for you about how to find a name that’s as epic as your adventures!


Take a moment to ponder the essence of your caravan. Is it steady and dependable, always there when you need it? Or does it embody the spirit of wanderlust, yearning for adventure and exploration? By considering its personality traits, you can choose a name that resonates with its unique character.


Does your caravan boast a striking colour scheme or standout features? Perhaps it has a sleek silver exterior reminiscent of a spaceship, or maybe it’s adorned with colourful decals that catch the eye. Use these visual cues as inspiration for crafting a name that reflects its distinct appearance.

Travel inspo

Draw inspiration from your most cherished travel memories and destinations. Whether it’s the serene beauty of a tropical paradise, the rugged charm of the outback, or the enchanting allure of a fairy-tale castle, let your caravan’s name evoke the magic of your favourite journeys.

Think funny

Let your comedic genius shine as you brainstorm some side-splitting monikers to adorn your trusty travel companion. A clever and comical name is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you hit the road. Want to give the kids a laugh? How about “Dwindling Inheritance” or the “Swagger Wagon”.

Get creative

Experiment with different combinations of words, rhymes, or alliteration to craft a name that rolls off the tongue and leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s a whimsical word mashup or a catchy phrase, let your creativity run wild as you brainstorm inventive options.

Blair Bregmen shared the name of his van – “Takutai Rere”. He said the translation from Te Reo was Coastal Flow. PHOTO: Nextgen Caravans Facebook Page

Number plate

Let your number plate do the talking. You might find that your state’s department of transport has already done the thinking for you and you have a plate that spells out something.

Getting jiggy with it

Dolly, Layla, Hotel California, Van Halen, Van Morrison – what do they all have in common? They’re great names for your van! Crank up the volume on your favourite tunes and let the melodies do the talking.

Keep it short and sweet

While a lengthy name might seem appealing at first, simplicity is key when it comes to memorable monikers. Opt for a name that is concise and easy to pronounce, ensuring that it’s both catchy and convenient for everyday use.

Test it out

Once you’ve brainstormed a few potential names, take each one for a test drive. Say the name aloud and see how it feels – does it resonate with you and capture the essence of your caravan? Trust your instincts and choose the name that feels like the perfect fit for your beloved travel companion.

How to display your caravan’s name

–                    Custom decals – design a decal featuring your caravan’s name and have it professionally made before affixing it to the back for all to see (Keep in mind – If ordering stickers, make sure the adhesive is suitable for use on caravans and won’t damage the paintwork. You’ll also want it to be durable and water-resistant, since the sticker will be exposed to the elements)

–                    Nameplate – Install a quirky nameplate near the entrance door for a fun touch

–                    Personalised plates – Consider getting a personalised licence plate featuring your caravan’s name


–                    Nelly Network towed by Ralph Ranger

–                    Camilla

–                    Stormy

–                    Snowy
Vinnie the Van

–                    Bolo

–                    Karenvan

–                    Bluey (Ranger) and Bingo (the van)

–                    Julie Myers

–                    “Nettey”

–                    Our 4WD is a Nissan.

–                    So we have

–                    Nissey & Nettey

–                    Eric

–                    Alderaan the van towed by OB ONE

–                    Travel Bubble

–                    LandRoamer powered by the Landrover Defender

–                    Neve

–                    Little RV

–                    Maggie

–                    Dare to Dream