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Possibilities are endless with caravan tunnel boots

Tunnel boots are a hidden gem in caravan design, offering ample storage space without compromising interior comfort or design.

These compartments, located beneath the caravan’s body, provide a secure and accessible area for storing bulky items, outdoor gear and essentials for your adventures on the road.

It’s often an overlooked storage area, but it’s such a valuable space you can’t afford not to use it – it offers endless possibilities for organisation and convenience.  By maximising the potential of this versatile area, you can enjoy a clutter-free living space and a more enjoyable journey on the open road.

Tunnel boots are perfect for storing those oversized items.

Here’s our suggestions for what to store:

·        Outdoor equipment – From folding chairs and tables to portable BBQs, the tunnel boot is an ideal space for these things. Don’t forget your recreational equipment either, fishing rods, boogie boards and lawn games.

·        Maintenance tools – No caravanner should hit the road without a well-stocked tool kit. Use your tunnel boot to store essential maintenance tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and socket sets. Having these on hand will allow you to tackle minor repairs and adjustments with ease.

·        Spare parts- It’s wise to make sure you’ve got spare parts on hand in case unexpected issues arise. Think spare fuses, plumbing fittings and light bulbs. 

·        Safety equipment – Be prepared for any situation by storing safety and emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, first aid kits and emergency blankets. 

·        Seasonal gear – As the seasons change, so do your recreational activities. Use the tunnel boot to store seasonal gear like winter coats, beach toys, umbrellas, snow chains or hiking equipment, allowing you to adapt to various environments and climates during your travels.

·        Adventure gear – For outdoor enthusiasts, this is the perfect spot for all your adventure gear. Think things like hiking boots, snorkelling gear or even bicycles.

·        Camping supplies – Keep your campsite well equipped by storing your essentials like tent pegs, guy ropes and ground mats. These items can quickly clutter up your living space if not properly stored, so keeping them properly organised and accessible is essential.

Make sure you don’t overlook your tunnel boot.

While these are just some of our suggestions, our Facebook followers had a few more we didn’t think of.

Network RV customer Tyler Crosbie is lucky enough to have two tunnel boots as the owner of a rear club lounge van and had a few suggestions to share.  

“Solar panels, jack, chocks, chairs, chain, water hoses, grey water hose, bike cover, 15-amp cable, 10-amp cable, drinking water, cartons of cider/beer on one side. The other has a fridge slide that houses the air fryer and baby Q. I do like how big our front tunnel boot is,” he said.

The Neville family, who are travelling around Australia in their Network RV van, list was almost never-ending.

“C gear mat, kids chairs, anti-flap kit and roof rafters, step ladder, four tennis racquets, BBQ, pegs, tie down straps, levelling steps, totem tennis, two folding tables, a hammer and a side and end awning wall,” they said.

One thing Network RV follower Jason Holland wasn’t keen on though – his BBQ.

“Having those smells just inches away from me sleeping would make me feel hungry all over again. That’s what the front box is for.”

Do you have any genius storage suggestions for your tunnel boot? Let us know!

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