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Keep your kitchen mess-free with these tricks

Are you tired of rummaging through cluttered drawers and overstuffed cabinets in your caravan kitchen? Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organised bliss with these budget-friendly storage solutions recommended by fellow caravanners.

First up, the dang cutlery drawer. If you’re not careful it can turn into something like that dreaded everything drawer – AKA a total mess.

When it comes to these drawers, organisation is key to maximising your storage space. Don’t just throw in the cutlery and other bits and pieces; that’s just going to drive you crazy.

Darryl’s tidy cutlery drawer is perfect

According to travellers in our Network RV Caravan Owners and Admirers Facebook group, all you need to do is grab some inexpensive organisers. They can be modular (hello IKEA or Kmart!) or proper cutlery trays, whatever tickles your fancy.

Then you just pop in the drawers as desired and add your essentials.

Karen Pinchbeck swears by the Joseph & Joseph cutlery tray for keeping her utensils in order. With its sleek design and functional compartments, this tray is a must-have for any caravan kitchen.

“Sorry it’s a bit messy but I do love the Joseph & Joseph cutlery tray,” she said.

Karen Pinchbeck swears by this Joseph & Joseph cutlery tray

And she’s not the only one – Sherron White and Raelene Nish sung this handy little organiser praises.

While it might be a bit pricey for some (it retails for about $35), Natasha Curry and Tracey Spooner Massey both found a slightly more affordable solution at Kmart with a narrow cutlery tray priced at just $5.

Tracey Spooner Massey found a more affordable solution at Kmart.

Skitz Amanda Scriva scored big at the Reject Shop, finding a perfectly fitting storage solution that also came with utensils and Ross-Chris Henderson had some luck at the ultimate storage store – IKEA – for just $2.

Skitz Amanda Scriva’s solution came from the Reject Shop.

But the cutlery drawer wasn’t the only part of the kitchen that members of our Facebook group had ideas about – Tara Wallace was struggling for suggestions about how to store food in the overhead kitchen cupboards without it making a mess and the community came to the rescue.

“Everything seems to come flying out, so looking at some sort of basket/tub to fit,” she’d asked.

Again, Kmart was the top choice for storage solutions that worked and were affordable, with numerous travellers suggesting heading to the department store.

Tracey Spooner Massey suggested the Kmart 2 Tier Organiser with dividers and slimline storage on rollers, saying the setup worked for her.

Sue Boardman’s creative idea of lining the cupboard backs was a winner with other travellers.

“Makes a big difference,” she said. “Bought insulation from Bunnings (and) double sided tape to stick to the wall.”

Her other storage wins included “fridge rids” from eBay and baskets from Kmart.

We love when drawers are organised like Kristy Karafillis’