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How to make your caravan feel like home

Your caravan isn’t just a ride – it’s your cosy home on wheels, your retreat from the daily grind. Whether you’re off for a quick weekend escape or a lengthy road trip, making your caravan feel like home adds a special touch to your travels.

Follow these simple tips to create a snug, welcoming space that’s perfect for relaxation and bonding with your travel companions.

Get ready to feel right at home, wherever your adventures take you.

Enhance your sleeping areas

A good night’s sleep is crucial when travelling and using bedding with familiar scents and textures can create a sense of comfort and security, making your caravan feel more like home. Invest in a set of your favourite types of linens and comforters and add decorative throws or blankets that reflect your style. Whether it’s a colourful knit throw or a faux fur blanket, choose pieces that not only keep you warm but also add a touch of charm to your space.

Personalise your space

Inject some personality into your caravan by adorning it with a few snapshots. Hanging up photos not only adds charm but also creates a cosy, familial atmosphere. You can decorate your space with other things too – think colourful throw pillows, blankets, wall art, rugs, lamps (fixed to the wall of course!)

Personalise your van with things that are special to you like Anne Foyer-Boyd. PHOTO: Network RV Caravans and Admirers Facebook Page
Customer Tanya Drewitt decorated her 23’ club lounge van with photos of her family. She said she used felt boards so her little family would “always be with us”. PHOTO: Network RV Caravans and Admirers Facebook Page

Collect mementoes from places you visit

From a beloved teddy bear to a quirky fridge magnet, a unique stone picked up on a beach stroll, or perhaps a seashell collected during a coastal adventure—keeping souvenirs in your caravan brings back memories of all the fun times spent with family and friends while on holiday.

Bring along your favourite things from home

If there’s a mug that you start every morning back home with, don’t leave it behind. Bringing along familiar items, like your favourite mug, helps establish a sense of routine and brings a touch of home to your travels. Whether it’s your cherished movies, beloved books, comforting teddies or any other item that adds cosiness to your house, don’t hesitate to back it along – it’s these little touches that turn your caravan into a home away from home.

Network RV customer Anne Foyer-Boyd decorated her van in a way that feels like home. PHOTO: Network RV Caravans and Admirers Facebook Page

Bring things to keep you entertained

Think about your favourite pastimes when you’re unwinding at home. There’s no need to leave them behind when you hit the road. Bring along your beloved books, challenging puzzles and digital devices for entertainment. These familiar activities not only make for perfect companions during rainy days or quiet evenings, but also ensure you stay relaxed and content during your travels. Consider adding a TV to your caravan set up for even more entertainment opinions – opt for a sleek, space-saving model that can be easily mounted on the wall or stowed away when not in use.

Cook and dine with style

Equip your kitchen with essential appliances, cookware and utensils to cook all of your favourite foods. Just because you’re in a caravan and not a house doesn’t mean you can’t eat all your favourites! Don’t forget to bring your favourite linens and caravan-friendly dinnerware and glassware to make every meal feel special.

Lay out a welcome mat

Just as you’re greeted by a welcoming mat when you step into your house, consider placing a charming “home is where you park it” mat inside your caravan. It’s a delightful touch that instantly welcomes you to your cosy home away from home.