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Busting popular caravan myths

If you’ve ever thought or mentioned going on a caravanning holiday, no doubt you’ve heard a few tall tales about what life is like on the road. 

You’ve come to the right place, so get ready to separate fact from fiction.

We’ve heard it all at Network RV, but it’s time to set the record straight and unveil the truths behind some of the most common myths.

MYTH: Caravanning is expensive

REALITY: It’s true that the initial set up costs of caravanning can be expensive, but generally there are caravans at many different price points that will suit most budgets and situations.

Think caravans with bunks for the whole family or caravans that will suit a couple.

But once you’ve bought your van, the opportunities are endless! Staying at a caravan park is way cheaper than booking a flight and staying in a hotel.

You’re not wedded to anything, and you can go anywhere your heart desires, whenever you want. If you’re on a tighter budget that’s okay too, there are plenty of caravan parks that are affordable and don’t forget about free camping too.

And you don’t need to do anything expensive when you reach your destination. Sure, some tours are on the cheaper side, but

With careful planning and smart choices, caravanning can be an affordable and rewarding lifestyle.

MYTH: Caravans are complicated to tow

REALITY: If you’ve never towed a caravan before, it can be a daunting experience. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you’ve been led to believe.

There’s no need to be ashamed. Remember knowledge is key when it comes to #vanlife, so arm yourself with everything you can.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, towing can potentially be dangerous if you don’t follow the rules, so why not learn the ropes from seasoned professionals? There are plenty of towing courses available all-around


You’ll learn what terms like GVM, GCM, GTM mean and payload, as well as working out whether your current vehicle is suitable or if you’ll need to upgrade.

MYTH: Caravans are only for retirees

REALITY: Traditionally caravanning has been for the Grey Nomads, with most Aussies waiting until they retired before they bought a caravan.

But times are a-changin!

It’s such a versatile lifestyle enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds – families, couples and solo travellers are increasingly embracing the freedom and adventure of life on the road.

And why not?

MYTH: Caravanning limits your comfort

REALITY: If you’ve stepped inside a modern caravan, you’ll know that this is not true. Vans nowadays are designed with comfort being one – if not the most – important factor.

Caravans are equipped with a range of amenities, from fully functional kitchens and bathrooms to cosy sleeping quarters and entertaining areas, they quickly become your home away from home.

And remember – you can decorate any way you like! Think your favourite family photos, your favourite sheets, and pillows or even plants, you can really make it your own space.

MYTH: Caravans are only for extended trips

REALITY: The thing about #vanlife is such a versatile lifestyle! If it’s your dream to do a lap around Australia, you’re set. If you want to live full-time in your van, you’re set.

But at the same time, that’s not the only way to enjoy your caravan.

Haven’t retired just yet or just want to take your family away for a small holiday or a weekend? Totally possible!

Forgot about that long weekend coming up and realised it’s too late to book a hotel? Hitch up the van and away you go.

Make caravanning work for you, your way.

MYTH: Caravans are difficult to maintain

REALITY: Some people think caravans are difficult to maintain, but it’s not that different to looking after your car. After all, we service them regularly.

Maintaining your caravan is no different to maintaining your car, except as well as booking in for your regular services (and make sure you do one before you head off on your next trip) create your own maintenance routine.

This means checking things like the hitch and wheels, the seals around the windows and doors, the roof, lights and signals, brakes, and emergency equipment.

If you do this, trust us, it’ll save you lots of heartache in the long run and you’ll prevent potential problems from surprising you. 

MYTH: Caravans are limited to certain routes

REALITY: The unique part about caravanning is the flexibility to explore a wide range of destinations. We’re so lucky in Australia, there are some gorgeous locations everywhere.

While some off-road locations may require specific caravan set-ups, most roads and highways accommodate caravans.

Having said that, you can’t just take your caravan anywhere you want, you need to be smart about it. When you’re purchasing your van, keep your destinations in mind and ask the professionals.